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Do you provide installation services?
Yes. We do all types of installation services: wood, tile, marble, carpet, and vinyl to name a few. We provide residential and commercial installations on floors and walls.
How can I get a free estimate?
Easy, one of our sales representatives can review the dynamics of the job including the chosen products, square footage, and/or drawings to calculate an accurate estimate. We also can come to your home for measurements.
How can I distinguish the difference between better quality products vs. poor quality when visually they may look similar?
The process used to manufacture and the materials used can vastly impact the quality of the product. Our trained and experienced representatives can give insight on the specifications and manufacturing process which give certain products greater longevity and beauty vs. other cheap products that may use poor quality materials and cut corners on the manufacturing process.
What is the difference between laminate, engineered hardwood and solid hardwood?
Laminate is a artificial hard surface meant to look identical to real hardwood. Engineered hardwood a layer of previously finished hardwood applied to a layered core of ply wood. Solid hardwood are 100% made of the selected wood species.
I have allergies, what floor coverings should I consider?
Hard surfaces are generally the best fit. Wood, laminate, tile, or marble are great alternatives to carpet floorings which may retain dust, pollen, and other bad allergens.
What should I be expecting during the installation?
Our team of experts takes special care to minimize the disruption of your daily routine. The installation period varies based on the size of the job. We work diligently to reduce dust and maintain a clean home.
What happens to my furniture during installation?
We have no problem working around your furniture. We make sure that its treated with the utmost care and respect.
How do I choose the right carpet padding?
After choosing a specific style of carpet, your sales representative will guide you to the best possible options to select from for that style.
I have a pet, what type of floor coverings do you recommend?
Hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood allow for easy clean up. Hardwood is less vulnerable to stains, hair, and odors. There are some specialty carpet options that are manufactured with pets in mind.